Tips for Beginners with Gambling Yes

What do you need to play Casino Games, Bingo Games or Poker online? Well, obviously you need a computer and an internet connection! OK, you've got that. You wouldn't be seeing this page if you didn't. You need to be of legal age (depending on your country of residence, 18 to 21). You need to be in a legal jurisdiction. Check with your local authority, we can't be visionaries and guess where all our visitors come from. Finally, you need a credit card or an eWallet like NETeller or Moneybookers. Aren't the casinos nice though, they give you detailed information about the banking on their pages.

Safety wise you needn't worry. Just like any internet banking transaction, these transactions are 128 bit encoded to prevent information being stolen. Another safety related question is whether you will be paid. Well, try and cheat and you probably won't be paid but otherwise, these casinos have been around for a good period of time and really do honor their commitments. Their licensors require them to maintain a perfect payment record. If they can't pay, they lose their license. Believe me, they pay.

Having decided that you want to play at the casino of your choice you will need to decide if you want to download the software or play in flash. The download has way more options but Flash means you can access the casino from behind a firewall with relative ease. The downloads are relatively big (say 5GB) so allow a little time to complete the download. The casino shell comes with at least 4 or 5 preloaded games and the others start to load while you're busy playing with your new acquisition. Important. Use your real name and don't try open multiple accounts to get the freebie cash! They will find out, this I promise! Speaking about opening accounts, we find that after registering your account, it pays to save the details in a secure location. Sometimes, when you clear cookies, your login information isn't staring you in the face. Can be frustrating. Now, very important, all these casinos cater for a period of FREE PLAY. During this time you can familiarise yourself with the online slots guide and software.

Players new to online gambling should always take advantage of the free money on offer at a casino online.  This way they get used to the casino games without spending any of their own money.

So, now you want to know how it all works? Does some person sit in a back office letting his friends win at your expense? Well, a little Casinos 101 applies here. All these and even real casino games like slots, Bingo online, caribbean stud games and so forth are controlled by a non human program known as a random number generator. In it's simplest form your are talking a program that will randomly give you results for a coin flip. Heads, tails, tails, tails, heads.... You get the idea. These programs have been tested by well known Chartered Accountants and truly do produce fair and random results. The best you can hope for is to make friends with support and get given a few free credits!

Talking about support. Take a peek, there is a toll free number on each site. You can also access support via live chat (popup window style) or mail them. We have found support to be very responsive. Any problems, they will be only too happy to help.

So, don't get dressed in your best suite, don't put on the makeup and evening gown, simply slip on your comfy slippers and play online.