Online Poker and South African Poker

Well, online poker certainly arrived in South Africa with a bang didn't it? The All Africa Poker Championship was a great success and the guys at Piggs Peak Poker certainly added a lot of knowledge to the game. Playing poker online has some serious perks.

  • For a start, you can actually find a few free games to learn from plus of course, Piggs Peak have some seriously good information on their site. Click here to visit.
  • The poker rooms here really cater for eveyone. From the high roller to the casual player.
  • There are no real killer players out there looking for a patsy to fleece. I have played and won but had to work hard for the win. The players play fair!
  • Of course, some players simply get too excited to play online poker in the real world. Online? You ALWAYS have a poker face!

What games can you play at Piggs Peak Poker?

  • Texas Holdem - 2 cards face down for you and through a process of betting rounds, a further 5 "community" cards are dealt for all at the table to share.
  • Omaha - 4 cards face down for you and through a process of betting rounds, a further 5 community cards are deal for all to share. There is a highest hand winner or a lowest hand winner depending on the game (Hi or Lo)
  • 7 Card Stud. Players are dealt 3 cards, 2 face down, 1 face up. A further 4 cards are dealt to the players with betting on each card. These cards are dealt face up bar the last one which is dealt face down.
  • 5 Card Stud. Probably the toughest to win. You are dealt 2 cards, one face up. A further 3 cards are dealt, all face up. Strongest hand wins but everyone knows 4 of your cards. Great game to bluff in!

We love playing online and if you want to try as well, Piggs Peak Poker are running some excellent bonus offer specials to introduce you to the game. Click here to visit Piggs Peak Poker.